Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Ranch: Painting

Howard Wilbur Thomas was an artist and a teacher, a professor and an administrator to several different universities but most importantly to the Women’s College; or as we know it today, UNCG. Thomas’ career began as a figurative painter but later in the 1940’s transformed to the currently popular abstract styles of art.

His work shown above, Philadelphia, conveys the artist’s focus on combining gestural line with blocks of color. It is interesting that Thomas was able to transform his knowledge of line in the human figure to his understanding of shape and gesture in his newer investigation of abstract art.

The immediate design elements that one may perceive from this painting are: line, space, form, harmony, balance, unity, texture, color, and parts of a hole. It is my anticipation to use this image toward guiding me thought the ranch project as I observe the differences between private and public spaces.

By simply gazing at this piece, notice how all the color pieces are outlined or enclosed by line. Much like materials and textural differences in a space can act as the great divide between private and public areas. Also discern how and why the white spaces seem to be separate from any of the other colors yet appear to harmoniously flow throughout the entire composition.

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