Monday, September 13, 2010

Bungalow: image + metaphor

Besides sheer excitement for this new bungalow project my thoughts are leading me to research 1920’s styles, designs, trends and fads. I have come across a few words that I am strongly considering looking into in order to formulate my final concept. These words are: big band jazz, ragtime, the roaring 20’s, and “the Charleston”. I noted that all of these ideas seam to include notions of repetition, emphasis, harmony, color, and texture. As I become aware of the sounds from big band music in the roaring 20’s (specifically the song, the Charleston) I begin to imagine a space with chairs and tables possessing rhythm and repetition of geometry. Some materials I imagine are wood paneling and plaster on the walls- these materials correspond to the low base tones in the musical composition. I also plan on incorporating copper throughout the room- this material will represent the percussion section of the band.

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