Saturday, August 28, 2010

GHA Tour of Renovated Homes

Home # 4: Classic Construction of North Carolina, Inc. The area of this home that was renovated was the back end of the home where the kitchen, breakfast nook, tearoom, and wet bar exist. If I had to give this home a personal award it would be “I have too much money to know what to do with.”

Home #5: Acorn Construction, Inc. This home, unlike the residence of house number four, had more sense and logic in what their existing residence needed. They changed one large downstairs bedroom into a smaller sided guest bedroom, bathroom, powder room, hall way, two closets for storage and an back entrance porch. The award I’d give this home would be “incredible attempt in keeping up with the Jones’ and their damn good functionality.”

Home #6: Leon Wood General Contractor, Inc. Here the elder homeowners decided to renovate the upstairs of their garage into a man cave-with a woman’s tough. The renovation project consisted of new insulation, ac and heating units, high VOC carpet, electrical work, drywall, and paint. The homeowners also added a laundry room and pantry to the interior of their home. Their award would be “I can finally afford what I wanted in the 70’s”

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